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Child Abuse Lawyer in Louisville KY

Are you charged with child abuse or neglect? Is Kentucky Child Protective Services (CPS) or the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) investigating you and threatening to take your children away? If so, it is critical that you speak with an experienced lawyer right away. Simply put, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is not on your side—and swift legal action is needed to help prevent removal of your children. A lot of times, CPS has removed children without proper legal authority and Attorney Krsna Tibbs has been successful in regaining his client’s children and keeping their families together.

Krsna Tibbs is a seasoned attorney who is passionate about helping individuals uphold their rights, and families stay together. He has successfully defended countless clients against child abuse charges and is prepared to intervene on your behalf in such matters. Learn more about Attorney Tibbs and his services today. Please read reviews about how he has helped other clients facing similar stories of wrongful removal by CPS.

Child Abuse Lawyer in Louisville KY

A veteran of the Jefferson County court system, Attorney Tibbs is well-acquainted with the local family and child abuse statutes. He knows that CPS cases often begin in family court with dependency, neglect, and abuse (DNA) charges, and may lead to criminal charges of various kinds.

Attorney Krsna Tibbs practices extensively in family and criminal law. He knows how to investigate the case against you and fight for your rights, no matter how serious the charges. He has experience with all types of cases, including those that involve false allegations. He takes seriously each client’s rights to the presumption of innocence. Plus, Attorney Tibbs—well-known for his rigorous approach to trail preparation—always does the legwork to ensure your case is as strong as possible from a legal standing. Clients of Tibbs Law Office can expect the best possible legal outcome, no matter the nature of the charges brought against them.

In addition, our firm can assist you with domestic violence orders/emergency protective orders (DVO/EPOs) and interpersonal protective orders (IPOs). It is important to have a lawyer represent you at the hearing(s) so your side of the story is presented to the judge.

If you have an order taken out against you, you must understand the restrictions and consequences. DVOs and IPOs can last for up to three years. You may be ordered to leave the home you share with the accuser and to pay temporary spousal and/or child support. You may not be allowed to see your children.

What’s more, if you violate one of these orders, you will face additional criminal charges. Violation of protective orders is considered contempt of court. You will likely be arrested and may be sentenced to jail time.

These are grave legal matters, and you won’t want to face them without an experienced legal ally on your side—an ally like Attorney Krsna Tibbs.

No matter the specifics of the child abuse charges you face, it’s imperative to get rigorous legal representation. Call Krsna Tibbs, a top child abuse attorney in Louisville, to start protecting yourself and your family.

Tibbs Law’s Child Abuse Expertise Extends to the Following Charges

In Kentucky, child abuse is codified in the law as Criminal Abuse charges. These charges vary from misdemeanor to felony based on the seriousness of the physical injury. As a leading CPS attorney in Louisville, Krsna Tibbs can provide representation against charges of all types. These include:

Get in Touch with Tibbs Law Today!

As an attorney, Krsna Tibbs has dedicated his career to serving his clients, upholding their freedoms, and fighting for their innocence. He has amassed expertise in the Jefferson County Family Law DNA courts and stands as one of the area’s most recommended CPS lawyers.

If you need a legal champion to defend you against such charges, reach out to Tibbs Law Firm today. Schedule a consultation with Louisville’s top CPS attorney today.

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