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Don’t settle for less: Why you need an experienced alimony lawyer in Louisville

Are you going through a painful journey of divorce and separation? It can be a devastating experience for most of the people going through it. When the separation takes place many aspects like child custody, spousal support and alimony have to be taken care of. Alimony attorney is a valuable asset in any divorce case who will represent your case assertively in the court. Why would you settle for less when a professional and experienced alimony attorney can help you get the maximum possible? Know all about alimony and understand the need of an experienced alimony lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Are you going through a painful journey of divorce and separation? It can be a devastating experience for most of the people going through it. When the separation takes place many aspects like child custody, spousal support and alimony have to be taken care of. Alimony attorney is a valuable asset in any divorce case who will represent your case assertively in the court. Why would you settle for less when a professional and experienced alimony attorney can help you get the maximum possible? Know all about alimony and understand the need of an experienced alimony lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky.

Why do you need an experienced alimony lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky?

For understanding the need of an experienced lawyer, you first need to know about divorce and alimony in Louisville.

Divorce in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is the low-cost- of- living biggest populous city in Kentucky( Ky), US. A big population also means a huge number of divorce cases. Previously, wives of Kentucky had no right to a sole legal identity till the Married Women’s Act passed in 1877. Since, females had no social right to buy, sell, or own their property, alimony did not exist then. After 1877, the Kentucky courts standardized a husband’s responsibility to aid his wife, including alimony (subject to wives being unsuccessful in doing their marriage duties). In the 1970s, some amendments to family law came into being, including no-fault divorce and the court’s power & authority to award alimony to either the wife or the husband. In 2013, the said Act was revised to incorporate gender-neutral language inclusive of spouses of the same sex. By that time in the 1970s, the concept became clear that both spouses have an everlasting duty to provide sustenance to each other. This way the concept of lifetime alimony could continue till the death of the recipient. Thereafter, the court intervened to restrict lifetime alimony based on some justified determining factors. Presently, divorce in Louisville, Kentucky is governed by Kentucky Revised Statute 403.200.

There are different natures of divorce in Louisville, Kentucky:

1. Uncontested divorce

When two spouses agree on a settlement and do not need a trial.

2. Contested divorce

When spouses cannot reach an agreement and your case gets scheduled for a trial.

3. Legal separation

You and your spouse remain married but live separately, and custody and alimony are determined by a separation decree.

4. Divorce from bed and board

Legal separation bars either spouse from remarrying as long as one of them is alive, but after one year the decree can be changed to divorce.

Alimony & its guarantee

Alimony, also called aliment, maintenance, spousal support, and spouse maintenance, is a legal obligation on a person to provide financial support to their spouse before or after marital separation or divorce. The purpose of alimony is to help the receiving spouse maintain the same standard of living they enjoyed during the marriage. It may be period-specific or payable for a lifetime. The obligation arises from the divorce law or family law of each country.
Unlike child support, alimony is not guaranteed in a divorce in Louisville. Instead, the court will decide if alimony is necessary based on various factors. If anybody is concerned about whether or not he/she will be able to receive or be required to pay alimony, for that one needs an experienced lawyer in Louisville.

There are three basic alimony timeframes in Kentucky:

  • “Temporary” or “pendente lite” alimony while the divorce is pending or not finally settled by the Court of Law
  • “Open-ended” or “lifetime” alimony ( Continuous/ongoing)
  • “Time-limited” or “rehabilitative” alimony (relatively short-term)

Importance of alimony

Divorce consists of decisions on financial matters and parenting while ending a marital relationship. Broadly, financial issues fall into two major categories viz. property (marital & joint) division and alimony. Property division separates the assets and debts of spouses when the marital relationship is ended. In contrast, alimony ( self-livelihood maintenance & child support, if any) represents a running financial relationship between the spouses following the officially awarded divorce. But, child support usually ends when children are grown up and have attained the age of majority.

Dealing with an alimony matter during the suit of divorce has a long-term impact on both spouses’ finances based on other determining factors. Hence this highly critical and complex issue of alimony needs to be thoughtfully and skillfully addressed and structured at the time of the divorce suit. Whether the case of alimony should be waived entirely or partially settled by being customized or an agreement-based monitor that needs the expertise of an experienced Alimony or Family Law Lawyer.

How is alimony determined in Louisville?

In Louisville, the court will only grant alimony if the requesting spouse can establish with evidence that they need financial help and that the other spouse is financially capable enough of extending it. The court has to examine, scrutinize, and review the following factors to determine if alimony is necessary and extendable:

  • The minimum time required for the appealing spouse to find a suitable job or become financially self-sufficient.
  • The standard of living is maintained during the married period.
  • The present age, occupation, needs, and physical, and emotional health of the appealing spouse.
  • The marriage tenure.
  • Present availability of financial resources and assets of each spouse.
  • The financial capacity of the other spouse to pay alimony and to what extent.
  • The contributions of each spouse to the education or earning potential of the other spouse.
  • Adultery and other reasons for divorce.

Once all these factors are considered and properly assessed by the court, then it is decided how much the payments should be and for how long to be continued. The duration of alimony payments is essentially based on the length of the married period. The longer the marriage period, the longer the alimony will continue.

Alimony and spousal support

Spouses can make an agreement always which may contain the diverse conflicting issues involving alimony or spousal support, and other issues reflecting on divorce. Such resolutions are finalized through negotiation in litigated divorces or alternative redressal like mediation and collaborative divorce. In some cases, the spouses resolve all issues in an agreement which is called a Full & Final settlement agreement. Then, lawyers appear in court on behalf of litigating spouses with this comprehensive settlement agreement and present it to the judge for finalization of divorce.

Modification of alimony agreements

Any spouse in dispute can approach for a modification of the alimony agreement subject to significant changes in circumstances that hurt the ongoing original agreement. For instance, if the alimony-paying spouse loses his job and can no longer afford to make the alimony payments, he can request a modification. The occurrence like enhancement in the receiving spouse’s income or the remarriage of the receiving spouse may also be considered as a change of circumstances. For doing so, Alimony Lawyer’s help and assistance is sought for necessary changes in the agreement with requisite inclusion or deletion.

Importance of an experienced lawyer for divorce in Louisville, Kentucky

A lawyer’s relevant knowledge and experience of Family Law and court procedures in Louisville, Kentucky is quintessential for you to approach the lawyer. Alimony is one of the most important issues in divorce where courts have extensive discretion and where your divorce attorney has a significant impact. Tremendous flexibility exists for experienced alimony lawyers to craft and advocate for an individualized approach. That’s why an experienced alimony and spousal support attorney can make a big difference. If the apt legal advice is given by a compassionate lawyer, the turbulent times with a life partner can be sailed through easily.
If you are based in Louisville, Kentucky, Tibbs Law is the best family law attorney firm for alimony in Louisville, Kentucky.

What sets Tibbs Law Apart from Others?

Expertise and Experience

The attorneys at Tibbs Law are a ream of highly skilled family law experts. They have wide experience of handling cases of divorce and separation, child custody, spousal maintenance, property division and more. Because of their years of wide experience they can provide well informed and strategic legal advice to your problem.

Compassionate advocacy

The Tibbs Law team understands the pain of going through troubled situations like divorce and separation. They handle each case with compassion and empathy. They listen to your concerns carefully and put up your case in a way your voice will be heard.

Effective communication and transparency

Tibbs Law believes that open communication and transparency are the foundations of client relationships. They keep you informed at each and every stage of the case explaining the legal concepts to you in a language easy to understand. They pride themselves on their honest and straightforward communication style that builds your confidence in them.

Personalized approach to each case

At Tibbs Law it is very well understood that no two divorce cases are identical and hence no alimony cases can be approached identically. They are experts in aligning strategies that align with the individual cases. They work diligently to ensure their clients receive impartial treatment either through negotiations or court proceedings.

Legal team specializing in spousal maintenance case

They have a legal team that specializes in spousal maintenance. This team supports the client since the initial consultation to the courtroom. They carefully understand the specific circumstances of the client. They work hard to craft strategies that give maximum benefit to the clients to reach their goals.

Expertise in Kentucky’s Alimony Law

Each state in The United States has its own alimony laws. Kentucky law doesn’t provide a formula for calculating the amount or duration of alimony. Instead judges have leeway to decide what would be fair. The law requires judges to consider all of the relevant circumstances, including the requesting spouse’s age, physical condition, and emotional condition. This makes it even more important that your attorneys listen to you empathetically, understand your case very well and then raise your case assertively in the court. Tibbs Law with their long professional experience in the state of Kentucky are well familiar with the law. They possess an in-depth understanding of these laws, and can represent their clients in Louisville very effectively in the court.

Client-centric approach

At Tibbs Law, They believe that clients are their priority. They understand the emotional and financial toll of divorce proceedings especially those involving alimony. They approach their clients very empathetically and provide support throughout the legal journey.

Tailored strategies

Every divorce and alimony case is different. Hence the spousal maintenance team at Tibbs Law crafts tailored strategies to suit the circumstances of each client.

Skilled negotiation and litigation

Through their extensive experience Tibbs Law attorneys are experts in both negotiation and litigation. Their goal is to secure favorable outcomes and give you your rights.

No wonder Tibbs Law ranks very high in customer satisfaction. Their happy customers don’t hesitate to praise them publicly for the great support they received from Tibbs Law attorneys and successfully received their fair share of alimony. They say that Tibbs Law Alimony attorneys fought tirelessly for them. In the field of alimony cases in Louisville, KY, Tibbs Law stands as a pillar of support and expertise. Their alimony attorney team is dedicated to securing the best possible outcomes for their clients. Trust Tibbs law to guide you through the complexities of alimony with compassion, expertise and dedication.


The desirous disputing spouse may or may not be aware of the legal provisions of Divorce Laws and its intricacies. Therefore, they must have adequate information in hand before obtaining any fruitful consultation with a reputed Alimony or Divorce Lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky. Spouses having children have greater liabilities and complexities. They should look for an experienced lawyer for consultation and suit being fully equipped with all relevant information including past case laws & different sample agreements.

Tibbs Law office has a team of dedicated attorneys who are fully knowledgeable, professional experts in the field of alimony. This team of compassionate and diligent lawyers will stand by your side and take you through your legal journey carefully and powerfully. They will listen to and understand your case carefully and craft strategies based on the circumstances. They will raise your case assertively in the court and fight hard to fetch you maximum benefits out of the case to help you achieve your goals. They also work as mediators if you go through a prenuptial agreement. With Tibbs Law you can make your legal journey stress free and confident. Hire Tibbs Law as your trusted partner to go through your divorce and alimony process confidently and with a peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the state of Kentucky, judges usually do not grant spousal support except in certain extreme situations, and even then, this support is usually only for a temporary amount of time.

Some have even quit their jobs to save themselves from paying alimony. However, if the court has ordered to pay alimony and the spouse refuses to pay, it will be regarded as contempt of court and lead to imprisonment for years based on the case.

Division of Property: Kentucky follows the rule that each spouse is entitled to keep their separate property which was acquired by them before the marriage, but there will be an equitable distribution of their marital property.

Terminating spousal maintenance is automatic when the supported spouse remarries or dies. Specifically, periodic maintenance automatically ends when the supported spouse gets remarried or enters into a civil union.

Most likely not. The court is to consider the economic needs of both parties. Each party is allowed to satisfy his or her own reasonable needs post-divorce. If the would-be paying spouse’s financial condition is such that this is not possible, maintenance may be appropriate but impossible to award.

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