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The law provides individuals with the right to a fair trial—the right to innocence until they are proven guilty. And that’s not all. It also offers opportunities for families to work out disagreements in a just, impartial way. It provides methods for individuals who are victimized or wronged to seek compensation. In short, the law provides channels for those in need to see their rights upheld and defended.

For more than a decade, Krsna Tibbs has fought to preserve the rights of individuals throughout Louisville, Kentucky. He’s done so through his experience as a trial lawyer, and his ferocity as a client advocate. He’s done so by listening intently to what his clients need, and working to ensure they get the best possible legal outcome, whether through trial or negotiation.

Today, Krsna Tibbs stands as one of the preeminent criminal defense lawyers and family lawyers in Louisville. He also offers expertise in personal injury representation. On this page, you can learn more about the legal services that the Tibbs Law Office provides.

Louisville Criminal Defense Services

When you are accused of a crime, you have every legal right to a fair trial—and to professional legal representation. Attorney Tibbs is a strong believer in every individual’s right to presumed innocence and a just trial, which is why he is proud to stand among the top criminal defense lawyers in Louisville.

No matter the nature of the crime you have been accused of, Krsna Tibbs will build the best possible case to demonstrate your innocence—and to secure the best outcome possible. Known as much for his empathetic demeanor as for his authoritative presence in the courtroom, Attorney Tibbs is here to listen to your needs and develop a legal strategy that will bring you peace of mind.

Louisville Family Law, Divorce, and Child Custody

Divorces, disputes, and other family matters can sometimes become messy—needing the intervention of the court to settle things out. Attorney Tibbs is one of the top family lawyers in Louisville and fights passionately to help his clients secure the optimal outcome.

Whether your need involves divorce, child custody, or some similar matter, Krsna Tibbs is an understanding ally who will take the time to get to know you, understand your goals, and build the best possible case to help you achieve them.

Louisville Personal Injury Legal Assistance

Those who are injured due to highway collisions or workplace accidents deserve to have their rights upheld—and the maximum monetary compensation pursued. Krsna Tibbs believes this and provides his services as a leading personal injury lawyer in Louisville.

He only represents those who have been injured—never insurance companies or big corporations—and he is passionate about helping each client see justice served. As a leading Louisville attorney, Tibbs has helped countless individuals recover their losses from medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and more. To speak with him about your personal injury case, reach out to Tibbs Law Office today.

Cases successfully tried by Tibbs in his legal career:

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In Need of Skilled Trial Representation in Louisville?

Krsna Tibbs has been a standout in the Louisville legal community since being named “Most Outstanding Young Lawyer” back in 2008. His reputation is for passion, skill, and integrity—all of which are invaluable to his clients, who only want to see justice done.

Attorney Tibbs pursues justice throughout each area of his practice—including his work as a criminal defense lawyer, family lawyer, and personal injury layer. For those in Louisville who need veteran legal representation, Krsna Tibbs is the top choice. Schedule a consultation by calling Tibbs Law Office at your next convenience.

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