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Domestic Violence Attorney Louisville KY

Being charged with domestic violence puts you in a very difficult situation. It is likely that you will be placed under a temporary restraining order, which will keep you from your own home and away from your loved ones or be arrested and placed in jail until you can obtain a hearing in court. And if you are convicted, the penalties can be very serious. Besides the social stigma and the reputation that you may be a danger to others, you may face heavy fines and jail time, restrictions when it comes to being with your children, restrictions on firearm possession, and you may have a hard time getting a job and keeping it or even lose your professional licenses.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, no matter what the circumstances, it is imperative for you to get legal help. A domestic violence defense lawyer in Louisville, KY is just what you need now. Give us a call and make an appointment today to discuss your case.

Many people are under the impression that in order to qualify as domestic violence it must be a physical act and it must happen in households in which the partners are married. Although that is one form of domestic violence, the reality is that the people involved do not necessarily need to be married nor does the violence need to be expressed only in a physical way. Domestic violence in Louisville, KY, could occur between former spouses, people that cohabitate in a place (or used to do so), family, people who have a child, and even people who have been engaged or simply dating.

The definition of domestic violence is quite broad. It includes not only physical actions but also the threat of violence, even if those acts are never carried out. It also includes behavior such as:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Mental and psychological abuse
  • Stalking
  • Destruction of personal property
  • Emotional abuse

People make false accusations of domestic violence for a variety of reasons. The couple may be going through custody hearings regarding the children and one party may try to gain an advantage by claiming that the other is engaging in domestic violence regularly and they want the kids far from that situation. Or they may claim that the domestic violence they have had to deal with has caused such physical or psychological damage that they are unable to go back to work and need more spousal support. The possibilities are endless.

No doubt about it, some people may be under the impression that if they accuse their partners of domestic violence during a divorce, this may lead to more favorable terms for them. However, there are also those who eventually end up recanting their testimony or change their minds and decide that they no longer wish to press charges.

In any case, you should never keep silent if you have been accused of domestic violence. A domestic violence attorney in Kentucky is precisely who you should be working with.

Being accused of a crime as serious as domestic violence is something nobody wants to experience first-hand. It can be frightful and have a drastic impact on your life. At the legal offices of Tibbs Law in Louisville, KY we offer the right mix of legal expertise and compassionate care for all of our clients. Give us a call today and set up your initial appointment.

If you are in legal trouble—even if you face serious charges of abuse or assault—seek the legal representation you need. Contact our team at Tibbs Law Office in Louisville, Kentucky today.

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If you are in legal trouble—even if you face serious charges of abuse or assault—seek the legal representation you need. Contact our team at Tibbs Law Office in Louisville, Kentucky today.

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