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Violent Crimes Attorney in Louisville KY

Being accused of a violent crime is serious business—and being convicted of a violent crime is graver still. Violent crimes are given much weight, both in federal and state courts, and a conviction will stay with you for your entire life—barring you from getting work and leading to countless other consequences. What’s more, violent crimes are challenging to litigate: Assaults and others forms of violence go to trial more often than any other type of crime.

If you have been accused of a violent crime in Louisville or the broader metropolitan area, you are entitled to a vigorous criminal defense—and indeed, that defense could save you from a life-altering conviction. Tibbs Law Office can provide you with the representation you need to ensure the optimal legal outcome. Contact our team today to learn more about what makes us a top criminal defense law firm in Louisville.

Why Tibbs Law is the Go-To Violent Crimes Defense Lawyer in Louisville

It’s impossible to overstate how serious it is to be convicted of a violent crime, such as assault—even “lighter” assault charges. Even a misdemeanor assault conviction can affect your ability to get certain jobs, higher education, and housing. You don’t want a conviction on your record. What’s more, first-degree and second-degree assaults are felonies, which means they come with more severe penalties that may include a prison sentence, steep fines, and probation.

Krsna Tibbs is well-known as a top criminal defense lawyer in Louisville and the general metropolitan area. A skilled trial attorney, Tibbs always does the legwork to build a strong case for each client—offering vigorous representation in court. It is always the goal of the Tibbs Law Office to secure the best possible outcome for each client—either an outright win or a significantly reduced sentence.

What’s more, Attorney Tibbs has ample experience representing clients against all kinds of violent assault charges.

A few notes about our process: Our attorney will thoroughly review the case against you, including the evidence, police reports, police procedure, and witness statements. We know how to look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We may conduct our own investigation to counter the state’s version of events, when appropriate.

In addition, if we find that your constitutional rights were violated, we may argue for the suppression of evidence and/or the reduction or dismissal of the charges. Each case is unique, however, and you should discuss yours with an attorney.

The bottom line is that, at Tibbs Law Office, we believe each client is innocent until proven guilty. What’s more, we take seriously each client’s right to a fair trial. We never want to see someone’s life permanently altered over charges that are bogus or false. To learn more about our criminal defense representation in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, reach out to Tibbs Law today.

Common Violent Crime Cases Covered

Attorney Tibbs represents clients against all of the following charges:

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A prominent member of the Louisville legal community, Krsna Tibbs specializes in criminal defense, family law, and personal injury. He is known for his thorough preparation, his skill in the courtroom, and his empathetic approach to each client.

If you are in legal trouble—even if you face serious charges of abuse or assault—seek the legal representation you need. Contact our team at Tibbs Law Office in Louisville, Kentucky today.

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