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What types of cases are handled by a criminal lawyer?

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One of the primary functions of the law is protection of the public by prohibiting specific types of behavior. But when this very law is violated, legal action is taken against the violator. Governments, Federal as well as State, define what types of behavior constitute a crime. Criminal cases are thus, the offenses against the state, prosecuted in a criminal  court by the state. Louisville Kentucky has been witnessing a heavy increase in the number of criminal cases. If you are thinking of hiring a criminal lawyer in Louisville Kentucky, you should be aware of the types of cases handled by a criminal lawyer and should also know the importance of the role of a criminal lawyer.

Types of cases handled by a criminal lawyer

You have to understand if your case falls under the category of criminal cases to hire a criminal lawyer. Following is the list of types of cases handled by criminal lawyers.

Assault and Battery

Assault refers to an action that puts a person in the fear of immediate harmful or offensive physical contact. If someone raises the hand and threatens to hit you it will be an assault, even if they don’t actually hit you. Whereas Battery refers to the actual action of harmful or offensive physical contact.

Domestic violence and restraining order violations

Domestic violence refers to abusive behavior within personal relationships. Here one partner tries to over power or gain control over the other partner. It is usually with reference to married spouses or intimate relationships, but it can occur among any family member.  Domestic violence can be either sexual, physical, psychological or emotional abuse. It also includes recurrent threats of violence or continual urge to take economic control. Such incidents cannot be isolated and differ in frequency and severity from case to case. It is necessary to recognize their patterns and seek help when required. 

Restraining orders are usually issued in domestic violence cases to protect the victim by stopping the accused from harming them. When these restraining orders are violated or the person fails to comply with the court order, it becomes a case of restraining order violations and falls under the ambit of a criminal lawyer’s work. 

Murder and manslaughter

These are serious violent crimes involving the killing of another human being. But both are different. Murder is the deliberate killing of one human being by another done with an intent to kill. Murders can be:

First degree murder

It means planned or premeditated murder.

Second degree murder

It means a murder done with an intent to kill but not premeditated.

Third degree murder

It includes felony murders, when someone commits a certain type of felony and someone else dies in the course of it. 

Manslaughter refers to unlawful killing of another human being unintentionally. Manslaughters can be: 

Voluntary manslaughter

Provoked by the victim during an altercation.

Involuntary manslaughter

It is the consequence of the accused’s actions done unintentionally. E.g.: reckless driving. 

These cases need a deep understanding of the criminal procedures, forensic evidence, extensive investigation, knowledge of legal precedents and expert testimony. These can only be done by an experienced professional criminal lawyer. 

Property crimes

Property crimes can be of following types:


It refers to the crime of entering property, residential or commercial, illegally, with the intent of a felony (mostly theft). Burglaries can further be classified into degrees or classes based on the seriousness of the crime, whether the structure is dwelling, presence of people, or whether the person entering is armed or not. 

Theft or larceny

It refers to unlawful taking or carrying away of someone else’s property without their permission with an intent to permanently deprive them of it. Theft refers to a broader term than larceny. 


It refers to a deliberate, willful or malicious act of burning of property, especially buildings with criminal or fraudulent intent. 


When a customer lifts the items of the shop, conceals them and leaves without paying to the shopkeeper, it refers to shoplifting. Here the intent is to steal. This is an illegal act done by an individual customer or done with the help of an accomplice. 


Vandalism refers to wilful or deliberate destruction or damage to the public or private property without the owner’s permission. It is mostly used as an expression of contempt. 


This refers to an act or practice of taking anything valuable by use of force, threat or fear. It can involve stealing money from the bank, shop or individuals. 

White collar crimes

These refer to financially motivated crimes committed by individuals, businesses or government professionals. These can be non-violent or indirectly violent crimes by middle or upper class individuals to seek financial gains. They include the following types of crimes:


These include deceptive practises with an aim of inducing another person to part with something valuable or surrender a legal right. It may involve false claims, misrepresentations or dishonest practices usually for an unlawful financial gain.


It refers to the fraudulent practices of taking away someone’s property by someone to whom it was entrusted. 

Insider trading 

It refers to trading of  public company’s stock or securities by someone who has access to confidential, material and non-public information about the company. When this material information is still non-public, it becomes illegal to trade on it and the individual may face harsh consequences because of it. However, these transactions can be legal if done as per guidelines. 

Money Laundering

It is a method to make the money earned wrongfully appear clean and untraceable. Money laundering is the process of illegally hiding the illegal source of money by converting that money into a legitimate source. The illegal activities could be drug trafficking, corruption, gambling or embezzlement. 

Identity Theft

It refers to a deliberate and wrongful use of someone else’s identity or personal information like their Social Security Number, to fraudulently obtain money, credit or some other financial advantage. It is harmful for the victim’s finances and reputation. 

Drug Crimes

There are different types of drug related crimes, each with distinct characteristics:


A person found with illegal possession of drugs can face charges for the same.

Distribution and Trafficking

If the quantity found suggests an intent to distribute, it leads to enhanced charges. Illegal sale and distribution of drugs often involves large quantities of drugs and huge and organized networks.


Manufacturing refers to producing drugs illegally. It can lead to severe penalties. 


DUI is Driving Under the Influence and DWI is Driving While Intoxicated. Both refer to  operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol. It is a serious crime that may lead to hefty fines, license suspension or even jail. 

Cyber Crimes

Due to penetration of technology in every sphere of human life, cyber crimes have multiplied.


Illegal and unauthorized access of somebody’s computer systems or accounts with an intent to cause further damage.


Tricking users to reveal their sensitive information like Credit Card number, by impersonating as legitimate entities. These are very common cyber crimes especially targeting senior citizens.


It involves spreading of malicious softwares like viruses, Trojans, worms or ransomware within the networks or devices. 

Identity Theft

This can be also categorized as cyber crime used to steal personal data for fraudulent purposes. 

Cyber Extortion

It refers to demanding money for prevention of threatened attacks. 

Ransomware attacks

Here, data is held hostage for ransom. 

Cyber stalking

It refers to the use of the internet to stalk individuals or harass them. 

Sexual Crimes

Following are different types of sexual crimes:

Sexual assault

Any form of unwanted sexual contact performed without consent using force or threats is sexual assault. 


Forced sexual intercourse is called as rape.

Statutory rape

When an adult engages in forceful sexual intercourse with a minor it is called as statutory rape.

Child molestation

It refers to sexual acts with a child, including sexual conduct or inappropriate touching. 

Juvenile crimes

Juvenile crimes are the crimes committed by adolescents who are not grown up enough to take responsibility for a crime they are accused of. Such cases are seen in the juvenile courts and focus more on rehabilitation than punishment. 

Federal cases

They include the cases where defending clients face federal criminal charges. They may include crimes involving terrorism intended to cause terror and disruption. 

Weapons offenses

It refers to illegal use, promotion, sale and distribution of weapons. These may include firearms, knives, guns, explosives or other deadly weapons. 

Role of a criminal lawyer

A good criminal lawyer is important to fight for justice. They often incorporate following defense strategies: 

  • Challenging the evidence
  • Providing lack of intent
  • Negotiating plea bargains
  • Defending constitutional rights

To use appropriate strategies, the criminal lawyer must have expert legal knowledge and appropriate experience. Tibbs Law Office provides such legal acumen to the criminal cases in Louisville Kentucky. Krsna Tibbs is the top criminal defense lawyer and a skilled trial attorney to  secure the best possible outcome for each client. We signify an epitome of excellence. Visit our website to know more about our unmatched legal services in Louisville Kentucky. 


The buzzing growth of Louisville Kentucky also sees an equal increase in the number of criminal cases. Thus, a good criminal lawyer will always be in demand. If you want to hire a criminal lawyer in Louisville Kentucky, you must know the types of cases handled by them. This blog provides a detailed list of the types of cases handled by a criminal lawyer. The broad category of such cases include: assault and battery, domestic violence and restraining order violations, murder and manslaughter, property crimes, white collar crimes, drug crimes, cyber crimes, sexual crimes, juvenile crimes, federal cases and weapons offenses. If your case falls under any of this category, be assured to get the best legal guidance in Louisville Kentucky by Tibbs Law Office. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What legal services does Tibbs Law Office offer as a professional criminal lawyer?

As a professional criminal lawyer Tibbs Law Office offers: 

  • Meticulous case analysis
  • Strategic legal planning
  • Forensic proficiency
  • Statutory interpretation
  • Digital evidence expertise

What makes Tibbs Law Office special in handling criminal cases?

With a keen understanding of the Federal and State Laws, Tibbs Law Office crafts meticulous defense strategies to secure the best possible outcome for the clients. Some reasons for their special way of handling criminal cases include: comprehensive legal guidance, personalized approach, strategic advocacy and providing legal support beyond legal representation.

What types of criminal cases are handled by Tibbs Law Office? 

The common violent crime cases covered by Tibbs Law Office are: domestic violence and restraining order violations, child abuse and neglect, burglary and robbery, weapons offenses, sex crimes, murder and manslaughter. 

What is considered a felony in Kentucky?

In Kentucky felony is a crime that is punishable by one year or more in prison.

How many Federal District Courts does Kentucky have?

Kentucky has two Federal District Courts:

  • Western District of Kentucky, headquartered in Louisville
  • Eastern District of Kentucky, headquartered in Lexington. 

What are the four levels of courts in Kentucky?

The four-tiered system of adjudication in Louisville Kentucky include: Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court and District Court.

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